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Gabi Vignola
Foundation Medicine will leverage its genomic profiling platform to detect multiple classes of genomic alterations.
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Researchers report that approaches using precision medicine for cancer treatment, showed improved response and longer periods of remission.
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As part of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, the newly launched Genomic Data Commons will facilitate genomic information sharing.
Japanese scientists have found unique genetic alterations that could indicate whether expensive immune checkpoint inhibitors would be effective for a particular patient. Publishing in Nature
A genetic mechanism could predict effectiveness of cure for particular cancers.
Last October
The increasing demand for personalized medicines is the key factor fueling the growth of the CDx market.
New York Academy of Sciences
Mount Sinai researchers report on the clinical utility of a new personalized medicine program for cancer patients.
The family trees of the two families with the MS-causing mutation. (M) individuals with the mutation; (black circles) individuals with MS and age of disease onset; (gray circles or squares) individuals with the mutation whose health is unknown. [Carles Vilarino-Guell/University of British Columbia]
The MS causing genetic mutation should erase doubts that some forms of the neurological disease are inherited.
Inova offers a PGx test for newborns called MediMap™ as part of a standard package of services at Inova Women's Hospital located at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.
Clinicians need to understand the implications of genetic tests quickly and in clinical context.
Zephyr applications can display recommendations that are supported by predictive analytics.
Zephyr Health’s Insight as a Service platform focuses on actionable results for life sciences companies.
1-Step Multiplex PCR Master Mix
The TaqPath 1-Step Multiplex Master Mix is designed to detect up to four RNA (or DNA) targets in a single multiplex reaction
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