IPM Magazine

Volume 09, Issue No. 1, February 2022

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to the newly rebranded and renamed Clinical OMICs.

In IPM we’ll take an expansive view of the some of the misalignments and quotidien challenges that exist across the healthcare spectrum and pledge that we will become the mouthpiece for all voices, especially those of patients, as they help drive this revolution, as active participants in the dialogue.

This relaunch issue focuses principally on AI and how it is able to predict early warning signs across many chronic diseases, in some cases, extrapolating the value buried deep in unstructured data, to build a true picture of predisposition and indeed progression of disease. Precision medicine can only flourish if it is extracting the right data and AI will continue to be its strongest ally as we continue to understand the relationship between genotype and phenotype.

Damian Doherty

Editor in Chief

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