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, Volume 06

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Treading with Caution: PGx Test Developers Pursue Dialogue as FDA Maintains Enforcement Stance

Immuno Omics:Unravelling the Immune System’s Inner Workings

2020 Vision: Industry Leaders Share Predictions of What May Shape Precision Medicine in the Coming Year

Genetic Counseling 2.0

Business people on video conference

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Oncology

digital dna

Search and Detect (for Free): Invitae Pursues Sponsors for Free Genetic Testing Programs Targeting Four Conditions

Invitae lab

Ending the Odyssey: Leveraging Improved Sequencing Technology, Rare Disease Diagnosis Speeds Up and Spreads Out

DNA Test Sanger Sequencing

Proper Prescribing: Pharmacogenetics Testing Gains Traction but Requires a Delicate Balancing Act

DNA Capsules

Whose Genes Anyway?: Congressional action on Section 101 of U.S. patent law could reopen path to patenting genes

8 Companion Diagnostic Developers Making a Mark

CRISPR Detectives: Startups seek to expand access to diagnostics with inexpensive CRISPR-based tests

The Breadth of Precision Medicine at ASCO 2019: From early detection to progress in difficult-to-treat cancers and previously undruggable targets

Mining the Microbiome: Microbiome startups are proliferating, exploring new markets, and colonizing diverse therapeutic niches

Microbiome-Based Diagnostic May Predict Preterm Birth

The Age of Analytics: Sequencing’s New Frontier Is Clinical Interpretation

Not if. When: Metabolomics’ Impact in Cancer Treatments May be Just Around the Corner

Portati of scientists in front of a mass spectrometer used for molecualr analysis. Proteins are ionised by vaporisation then studied by the relative weight of the different ions

Betting on Blood: Liquid Biopsy Companies Pursuing both Early- and Late-Stage Cancer Detection

Patient Investment: PerkinElmer, Helix Partner to Launch ACMG 59 Genetic Screening Test

People wanting to purchase the GenePrism service must first provide a saliva sample to Helix for their Exome+ testing.

Glioblastoma Sex Differences Uncovered

We Have the Tools to Advance Precision Medicine, Why Aren’t We Using Them?

Amplification Litigation

What Does It Take to Drive Genomics into the Clinic?

Five-Year Super Successes in Genomics and Precision Medicine

Big Data and Clinical Genomics

Wearable Data Revolution

Inside Precision Medicine