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NIPT Builds on Its Success

Fetus with DNA ambilocal chord

Testing Conundrum

Scientists Loading Centrifuge

Genetic Counseling for All

Seeing Real-Time Biological Interactions with Graphene Transistors

Glowing Blue Honeycomb

Flexible and Scalable NIPT

Illumina will partner with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to offer non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to women with average-risk pregnancies based on next-generation sequencing. [© zentilia/Fotolia]

SARS-CoV-2 Whole Virus and Full Process IVD Controls

Payer Policies not Sole Reason for Inconsistent Utilization of Genomic Testing

Mixed Race doctor talking to patient

DNA Mutational Profiling of Tumor Samples

Cancer drug target

Top Women in Precision Medicine

woman in lab

Saving Baby Nathan

Jeanne Carroll, MD with baby

RNA for Medical Analysis

3d illustration of a part of an RNA chain to illustrate new RNA therapeutics

Prime Time for the Microbiome

Faecali bacterium

Building a COVID-19 Pop-Up Testing Lab

Innovative Genomics Institute’s “pop-up” SARS-CoV-2 testing laboratory

Top Women in Precision Medicine


It’s in the Blood

|Epic Science’s lab

3D Facial Imaging Tool Can Help Diagnose Genetic Diseases

FDNA has commercialized a facial recognition product called Face2Gene that uses 2D images for the diagnoses of rare diseases.

Moving Beyond PCR for COVID-19 Testing

Medic taking sample for coronavirus testing

Artificial Intelligence Gets Real

digital dna

CRISPR Comes of Age—As a Diagnostic

male scientist pipettes in lab

Five COVID-19 Test Developers to Watch

At Home Coronavirus Test

’Omics in Translation

Six Precision Medicine Companies Making Their Mark in 2020

cloud ocmputing

Keeping up with the Genomes

Abstract luminous DNA molecule. Doctor using tablet and check with analysis chromosome DNA genetic of human on virtual interface. Medicine. Medical science and biotechnology.

Of Known Significance

Robert Green

The Clinical OMICs 10 Under 40

Top 10 under 40 background

The Accelerating Race for Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Timothy Chan

Comprehensive Approach

Jiyun Byun

Ex-Geisinger Principals Team with Genome Medical to Expand Genetic Services

Genetic Sequence Barcode

Clinical Combinations

Data Medicine

Cancer Gets a Global Genomic Map

DNA and virus

Tapping into the Potential of Circulating Tumor Cells

Celselect Slide

The Biomarker Future is Digital

3D illustration Rendering of binary code pattern.Futuristic Particles digital Landscape wave Abstract background for business,Science and technology

Potency Assays for Cell and Gene Therapy


From Bench to Clinic—The Potential of New Sequencing Tools

Mainstreaming Precision Oncology

Conceptual Circuit Intelligence

Moving the Diagnostics Needle for Personalized Care

Personalized Medicine Conference panelists

Dawn of the Customized Cure

Scientist holding a DNA

Looking Ahead to 2030

Internet network

Democratizing Precision Medicine

Thermo Ion Torrent Genexus Sequencer  instrument. On location.
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