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Rare Parents Tackling Rare Disease

December 2022 Spotlight Rare Parents Tackling Rare Disease

Digging Deep to Release the Power of the Proteome

protein-correlation network analysis

Untangling the Complexities of Single Cell Protein Analysis

Single-molecule protein sequencing

Rare Parents Tackling Rare Diseases

When the Diagnosis is “Undiagnosed”

Dealing With Disease

Stories from the Front Lines Precision Medicine in Practice

Asked and Answered: Follow the Biology

Man and DNA

The Complete Computationalist


Can COVID-19 Reboot Drug Repurposing?

Syringe with covid-19 coronavirus vaccine and medication tablets for symptoms.

The Not-So-Melting Pot: Workforce and Patient Research Inequity Caps Genomic Medicine Progress

Aura energy inner harmony man face color smoke

Demystifying Genomic Findings: Putting Participants First

Doctor and patient

A Conversation with Molly He, CEO and co-founder of Element Biosciences

Tech operating the AVITI system machines

The Dawn of Next Generation COVID-19 Vaccines

William Haseltine

Relatively Speaking: An Update on New Research from Genetic Counselors Unveiled at the NSGC Annual Conference

digital heads

Top 5 Genetic Sequencing Startups Shaking Up the Industry

DNA sequence

Inside the Orphan Drug Revolution

Inside the Orphan Drug Revolution book cover snippet

Clinical NGS Boosts Prospects for Widespread Personalized Medicine

Illumina's NovaSeq6000

Providing Access to Genetic Testing Alongside Unparalleled Service and Support

Family, doctor, father, and boy

Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE)

Abstract glowing virtual neural network to represent the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in personalized medicine

Clinical Sequencing’s Ups and Downs Around the World

Newborn baby being held

Is Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing on the Cusp of a Revolution?

Paving a Data-Savvy Path to Ultra-High-Throughput Genomics

colorectal carcinoma

Twinning is Winning

Young male in stream of digital information

Delivering a New “Post-COVID” Generation of RNA Therapeutics

Translating the Microbiome

Escherichia coli bacteria

Diagnostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets of ALT-Positive Cancers

cancer cell

Asked and Answered: Bill Lundberg Talks about Closing in on Cancer, with Precision

3D Rendered Illustration, cancer cell

Five Microbiome Companies Making Waves in 2022

Number 5 graphic

The Pursuit of a Universal Influenza Vaccine

William Haseltine

Relatively Speaking: Building the Future of Genetic Counseling

digital heads

Guiding the Next Wave of Precision Oncology Innovation

Wave splashing

Collaborating to Advance Biomarker Testing

Ultra-Sensitive, Multiplexed Molecular Detection for Biomarker Research

Bio-Rad Laboratories’ QX600 with cancer background

Selection and Evaluation of Ancillary Materials for Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Uncovering the Full Variant Continuum with Pioneering Solutions from Bionano

Genomic Pathogen Surveillance in the Spotlight

Quadrum Institute lab photo

Data Rules: Looking Inside the Pandemic Prevention Institute with Kaitlyn Johnson


Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Biology


Protecting Patient Privacy

Data Medicine

The Path to the Healthcare of Tomorrow

Man walking in opposite direction of arrow

Aiming Precision Medicine at Chronic Diseases

Finger Prick

Electronic Health Records and Genomic Data – Not Yet a Perfect Match

Electronic Health Records illustration

A Field Guide to Mapping the Tumor Microenvironment with Spatial Transcriptomics in Complex Samples

Cell division

Deep Data and Precision Health

Data scientist illustration

Using AI to Improve Chronic Disease Outcomes

Robot taking woman's blood pressure

These Six Biotechs are Winning the Race to Get AI-Designed Drugs to the Clinic

graphic of the number six

Asked and Answered: Jonathan Thon Talks about Bringing Gene Therapy to Life

Jonathan Thon with colleagues

In Conversation with Renee Wegrzyn

Ginkgo’s biosecurity business

entrePRECISIONeur: Sudhakaran Prabakaran Discusses Discoveries in the Dark Regions of the Genome

Sudhakharan Prabakaran

Controlling COVID-19: What Can We Learn From Previous Pandemics?

William Haseltine

Relatively Speaking: COVID-19’s Impact on Cancer Screenings and Genetic Counseling Services

digital heads

The End of Medicine as We Know it – And Why Your Health Has a Future

The End of Medicine as We Know it — And Why Your Health Has a Future book cover

CDMO Services: Enabling Faster Time to Results and Market


AI Applications for Clinical Development: From Identifying Patients to Amplifying Trial Endpoints


Bringing Antibody-Drug Conjugates into the Precision Era

3D Rendering of Antibody Drug Conjugate Molecules

Discovering the “Paradigm Shift” Associated With Chemoresistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

acute myeloid leukemia

The Genomic and Epigenomic Landscape of HPV in Cervical Cancer


The “Multi-tool” for Translational Cancer Research

Multi-tool solid tumor research

From Slide to Pixels: How Digital Pathology Promises to Impact the Field of Precision Oncology

cloud computing

How Digital Pathology is Advancing Biomarker Identification & Drug Discovery

Woman side view, memory loss, cognitive decline, forgetting things, degenerative disease. Brain problems. Parkinson and Alzheimer´s desease.

Pathology is Poised for the Digital Revolution

The Evolution of CRISPR Technology from Editing to Diagnostics

Concept of biochemistry with DNA molecule

How Innate Lymphoid Cells Help Keep Us Healthy Against Covid-19

William Haseltine

The Pandemic Supercharged Decentralized Trials, Now What?

Online Medical consultation and treatment, cell phone,

Spatial Transcriptomics Thrives on New Approaches

mouse liver image

Liquid Biopsy: How to Embrace Perfection?

Abstract Molecular structure

Top 5 RNA Therapeutics Companies to Watch in 2022

Coronavirus RNA strand

The Human Genome: Finished in High Fidelity

Genetic engineering concept. DNA. Gene therapy. Medical technology

Asked and Answered: All of Us and What It Means to All of You

Genetic research at the laboratory

Relatively Speaking: How Digital Platforms can Ensure Equitable Access to Groundbreaking Healthcare Technologies

digital heads

Humain Lens: The Disruptive Impact of AI and Precision Lung Data on Respiratory Trials

Digital eye

The Curious Scholars Present: Jackets and Genes

The Curious Scholars Book Cover illustration

Choosing the Right Spatial Technology

SMI Raw Data

The Current State of Companion Diagnostics in Oncology—A Strategy Review

CDx Reimbursement and Funding Challenges and Potential Solutions from the European Perspective

Circulating Tumor DNA is Increasingly Effective in Cancer Healthcare

Cancer cells on dna stand background. 3d illustration

MRD: The Future Foundation of Solid Tumor Trials


How Duplex Sequencing Can Improve MRD Detection

DNA strand and Cancer Cell to visualize cancer genetics

The Changing Face of Newborn Screening


Relatively Speaking: Unexpected Detours, Can Inconclusive Prenatal Genetic Tests Save Lives?

digital heads

Asked and Answered: Cartography of the Brain: Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri on Connectomics

Light trails coming from African American's head

Growing Pains

Close up of a cancer cell - oncology target 3d illustration

Advancing the Field of Polygenic Risk Score Testing Applications from the Lab to Your Smartphone

Genetic research

Vested Interest: Investing in Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

IPM Vested Interest logo

A Conversation with Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of European Life Science VC Seventure Partners

Researcher symbolizes risk of venture capital

Valunomics: Medicare Policy: How It Can Boost or Block Innovation

Genetic Research, DNA profile reflected in a test tube containing a sample

Extracellular Signaling Pathway Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Expression

William Haseltine

Humain Lens: Protecting Patient Privacy in Clinical Trials with Artificial Intelligence

Digital eye. Green matrix background

The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer

The Future You cover cropped

Making Precision Oncology Accessible

Canexia Health Lab

MRD Testing in Solid Tumors Using RaDaR™ by NeoGenomics


Unlocking the Full Potential of MRD Testing in Patients with Cancer

Migrating Breast Cancer Cell

KromaTiD Announces Launch of Pinpoint FISH TP53/CEP17 Kit

The Promises and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence for Population Health in Diabetes

Pancreas cancer

The Genome Defense: Inside the Epic Legal Battle to Determine Who Owns Your DNA


The Rise of Precision Prescribing

UF College of Pharmacy lab

The SARS-CoV-2 Genome: The Importance of the Termini

William Haseltine

AI Offers Window on Heart Health

artificial intelligence (AI)

Valunomics: Key Lessons from Covid—We Need to Value Diagnostics

Nurse with masks
Inside Precision Medicine