Curated Genomic Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Sponsor: Sage Bionetworks

Sage Bionetworks introduced the Agora platform, an interactive, web-based tool that allows researchers
to explore curated genomic analyses of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), including a list of early candidate target nominations for AD. The analyses accessible through Agora represent the research data from dozens of scientists that are part of the NIH-led Accelerating Medicines Partnership—Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP–AD) Target Discovery and Preclinical Validation Project. AMP-AD has generated a wealth of genomic, RNA expression, proteomic, and metabolomic data from more than 3,000 human brain and plasma samples collected in several NIA-supported AD cohorts and brain banks. The raw and processed data have been made widely accessible to qualified researchers through the AMP-AD Knowledge Portal, which has resulted in hundreds research papers. While use of primary data is typically limited to investigators with bioinformatic expertise, the launch of the Agora portal represents the first time that the analyses have been shared outside of the AMP-AD consortia members allowing new researchers to advance their own research questions.