Cyto-Mine Studio Software Suite

Sponsor: Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics, a company specializing in single-cell analysis systems enabled by its patented picodroplet technology has introduced Cyto-Mine Studio Software Suite, software for its Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System. Cyto-Mine is an automated platform which integrates single-cell screening, sorting, isolation and clone verification. The Cyto-Mine Studio Software Suite has updated features and user interfaces for the Cyto-Mine Instrument Control Software and the off-line Cyto-Mine Data Analysis Software. It has an application programming interface (API) that enables easy communication with many industry-standard robotic platforms and links to corporate databases for easy data transfer, and includes features such as single-cell dispensing to individual wells of 96- and 384-well microtiter plates and software data outputs from single cell imaging analysis.