AI Data Insights Across the Precision Medicine Life Cycle


Medidata has announced the launch of Acorn AI to provide actionable data insights across the entire precision medicine lifecycle—from R&D to commercialization. Built unpon the Medidata platform, Acorn AI is fueled by one of the largest regulatory-grade clinical data repositories in the world, comprising more than 17,000 clinical trials (5,000 active) and the ability to analyze 45 billion patient records from 2 million providers. It also includes the industry’s largest structured, standardized clinical data repository with more than 4.8 million patients, serving more than 1,200 active customers with 150,000+ certified users. Acorn AI is developing new products such as a Value Discovery Engine to make better go/no-go decisions; Intelligent Trials to improve study success and speed; Integrated Evidence to help demonstrate value to regulators, payors, providers, and patients; and Connected Devices to integrate the new generation of medical devices within the digital healthcare ecosystem.

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