Antimicrobial Resistance Test Kits, Blood Collection Tube


Streck has introduced three new antibiotic resistance detection kits. The new Streck ARM-D Kits detect the most clinically important current and emerging antimicrobial resistance threats. The kits for MCR, expanded OXA, and TEM/SHV/GES, screen more than 1,000 resistance gene variants. Streck ARM-D Kits include all 5 CRE gene families: KPC, OXA, NDM, IMP, and VIM. Colistin resistance target genes include MCR-1, MCR-2, MCR-3, MCR-4, and MCR-5. The Streck ARM-D Kits include targets for ampCs, as well as ESBLs.

RNA Complete BCT is a direct draw whole blood collection tube that stabilizes the draw time concentration of exosomes and cell-free RNA. It prevents release of exosomes from red and white blood cells and maintains cell-free RNA concentration for up to 7 days at room temperature.

Both the tests and blood collection tube are for research use only.

Streck Inc.

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