Data-Driven Precision Oncology Solutions

Cancer test or tumor markers

Health intelligence company Sema4 has launched Sema4 Signal, a new family of products and services providing data-driven precision oncology solutions with advanced analytics, digital tools, and exome-based somatic and hereditary cancer genomic tests. The product launch includes “Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer”, hereditary cancer panels composed of 112 genes, which Sema4 says is the largest panel available on the market today. The launch also includes 16 sub-panels. The Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer panels are run on Sema4’s Traversa, an exome-based genomic platform covering thousands of clinically actionable and relevant genes. Sema4 is adopting exome-based sequencing for a wide array of genetic tests to enable seamless access to future genetic tests that patients may need across their lifetime, including in pregnancy planning, and adult disease treatment.

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