Testing Panel for Immune Response Following Organ Transplant


NanoString Technologies has announced the launch of nCounter Human Organ Transplant, a gene expression panel for researchers to evaluate the human immune response following organ transplantation. Created through a collaboration between NanoString and the Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology, a global consortium of 6 transplant institutes. The customizable, 770-gene expression panel was developed specifically for use with the predominant transplant organs including kidney, heart, lung, and liver and includes genes across 37 different pathways, critical components of the immune response, tissue injury, and mechanisms of action for immunosuppressive drugs. The panel also includes probes for detection of common viral infections known to be problematic with transplants including BK polyomavirus, cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus. The Human Organ Transplant Panel is for research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Nanostring Technologies  www.nanostring.com

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