SeraCare Life Sciences said its iQ clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) quality control (QC) Management software solution is supporting the launch of Navican's TheraMap Precision Cancer Care services through integration into Royal Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics platform.

That integration, SeraCare said, is designed to automate tracking of all critical genomics workflow QC parameters needed for monitoring, trending, and reporting on the performance of the TheraMap clinical NGS assay launched by Navican, a wholly-owned spinout of Intermountain Healthcare.

SeraCare says its iQ NGS QC Management solution works with existing bioinformatics and LIMS infrastructure to enable clinical labs to demonstrate compliance, benchmark performance, and troubleshoot when they implement new NGS-based diagnostics as part of their precision medicine programs. The solution can be scaled up as the labs' needs grow and change, according to the company

iQ NGS QC Management combines what SeraCare calls the broadest selection of quantitative multiplexed DNA and RNA reference materials with a QC tracking and reporting software solution.

“It is no longer sufficient to run just any remnant patient sample as a positive control with today's comprehensive clinical NGS assays,” Trevor Brown, VP, Clinical Genomics at SeraCare, said in a statement. “Labs need to closely monitor all aspects of their QC metrics throughout the entire workflow with quantitative multiplexed standards, and track performance over time.”

Added Keith Gligorich, Laboratory Operations Director at Navican: “Incorporating the iQ NGS QC Management solution into our laboratory alongside the Phillips IntelliSpace Genomics clinical-grade platform will help us track all of our QC metrics easily and seamlessly. We are now able to generate reports and track assay performance from our clinical samples with Philips and standardized reference materials with SeraCare.”

Philips and Navican last year announced plans to integrate their IntelliSpace platform and TheraMap service offerings, respectively, into a single solution designed to deliver precision medicine to late-stage cancer patients. Through TheraMap, Navican offers Intermountain “navigators” trained to facilitate patient access to drugs or clinical trials, as well as handle paperwork, submit insurance claims, and facilitate financial counseling.

IntelliSpace is a cloud-based precision medicine platform, which integrates large-scale genomic analysis with extensive contextual clinical patient data, as well as next-generation sequencing technologies and laboratory informatics software from Illumina.

TheraMap is designed to help both oncologists and patients apply precision genomics, clinical analytics, and patient services for optimal cancer management, according to Navican, which was spun out of Intermountain in 2016.

Intermountain is an integrated delivery network of 22 hospitals and more than 185 clinics that provides personalized testing, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer through its Intermountain Precision Genomics laboratory.

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