Interpace Diagnostics, Genecast Join Forces for Translational Studies, Clinical Trials Services


Personalized medicine company Interpace Diagnostics announced that it has entered into a partnership to jointly develop, promote, and offer translational studies and clinical trial solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies with Beijing-based Genecast  Biotechnology of the Peoples Republic of China (“PRC”). Genecast provides diagnostic products and services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the PRC. According to the agreement, Interpace BioPharma will perform services worldwide except in the PRC, while Genecast will provide services in the PRC.

“Genecast has an impressive, well-established menu of tumor profiling and clinical testing services and is the optimal partner to collaborate with our mutual capabilities to bring a global footprint to our biopharma solutions offerings,” said Michael McCartney, chief commercial officer of Interpace, in a press release. “This collaboration is in line with our business strategy of driving sustainable, long-term growth and profitability by leveraging our unique capabilities.”

Interpace operates in two separate business units. It’s biopharma business offers pharmacogenomics testing, genotyping, and biorepository services and its diagnostics arm currently has four molecular tests on the market for thyroid, pancreatic, lung and esophageal cancers. The company operates CLIA/CAP certified and accredited labs in Pittsburgh, and in New Haven, CT.

Du Bo, Co-Founder and CEO of Genecast, said: “As China plays a more important role in innovative drug development, global multi-center trials with programs in China have become a critical strategy of drug developers. This partnership with Interpace will strengthen our capabilities to provide our customers with high-quality, streamlined one-stop testing services globally and is in line with our strategy of helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate their biomarker-driven drug development and drive precision medicine forward.”

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