Introduction to Cell Therapy

Sponsored content brought to you by Cell Therapy Overview CAR-T therapies have quickly shifted the direction of treatments for aggressive diseases, such as blood cancers,...
Illustration of white blood cells attacking a cancer cell

Introduction to Checkpoint Therapy

Sponsored content brought to you by Checkpoint and Combination Therapy Overview Checkpoint immunotherapy development continues to grow at an incredible rate—as of 2018 there were more...
Dendritic cell and T-lymphocytes, illustration

A Power Tool for Immune Profiling

Sponsored content brought to you by How Single-Cell Functional Proteomics Accelerates Immunotherapy Development: Opportunities from Pre-Clinical to Clinical Stages Many companies are racing to develop cancer...
ArcherDX said its Archer Immunoverse and VariantPlex NGS assays will be used by Ambry toward offering its biopharma customers large-scale immune repertoire analysis and chimeric antigen T-cell receptor (CAR-T) manufacturing characterization and pharmacodynamics. [royaltystockphoto/Getty Images]

Metabolic Imbalance Associated with Resistance to Checkpoint Inhibitor Nivolumab

Investigators at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in conjunction with researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, have discovered that a metabolic imbalance...

Many Doctors Not Discussing Genomic Test Costs with Patients

As the use of genomic testing increases, many doctors are failing to discuss the costs of these tests with their patients, leaving them at risk of unexpected medical bills.

NantHealth’s TMB Assay Wins FDA Authorization

Omics Core is the first FDA authorized custom-targeted, whole-exome sequencing platform to report both overall TMB in tumor specimens from 19,396 protein-coding genes (whole exome) and somatic alterations in 468 cancer-relevant genes.
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) plans to use Natera's Signatera custom circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) assay in a Phase II study designed to assess the pharma giant’s cancer immunotherapy Opdivo (nivolumab) as an adjuvant treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). [Source: Eraxion/Getty]

Pre-Surgical Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Shows Positive Results

Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and nine other centers, presented interim results at the American Society of Clinical Oncology...

Invitae to Acquire Clear Genetics for $50M, Adding Chatbots for Genetic Counseling

Through the acquisition, Invitae will gain access to Clear Genetics' chatbot named Gia, short for “Genetic Information Assistant,” which is designed to offer patients guidance for understanding test results.
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Elysium Health Launches At-Home Test to Measure Rate of Aging, Biological Age

Elysium Heath also announced Morgan Levine, Ph.D., of Yale School of Medicine has joined the company as head of bioinformatics to improve the testing methodology of Index, with the goal of making its application accurate and informative for individuals.
digital dna

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Oncology

The volume of information that needs to be analyzed to make precision medicine a reality in cancer care is often beyond the realm of the human mind. That’s where artificial intelligence steps in

Promega to Develop MSI Technology as CDx to Merck’s Keytruda

Promega’s MSI testing is designed to functionally measure the genomic accumulation of insertion or deletion (INDEL) errors caused by a deficient mismatch-repair system (dMMR) that occurs in certain types of solid tumors.
Biocept intends to become Thermo Fisher Scientific’s “Center of Excellence” for oncology-focused liquid biopsy efforts as part of a commercial collaboration by the companies. [© AlexRaths/iStock]

Lexent, Illumina Enter Partnership for Cancer Monitoring Liquid Biopsy Kits

Confera Dx is currently in development with the intention to be made available next year as a laboratory-developed test performed by Lexent in a CLIA-certified laboratory with the intention of developing a distributed in vitro diagnostic at a later date. 
Bladder cancer, light micrograph

New Anti-PD-L1 Study Findings Support Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer

This single-arm Phase II study investigating two cycles of atezolizumab achieved the primary efficacy endpoint, showing a pathological complete response rate of 31%.

Testing Panel for Immune Response Following Organ Transplant

NanoString Technologies has announced the launch of nCounter Human Organ Transplant, a gene expression panel for researchers to evaluate the human immune response following organ transplantation.

2020 Vision: Industry Leaders Share Predictions of What May Shape Precision Medicine in the...

As 2020 approaches, it is fair to say that significant—and perhaps surprising—advances will be made in the precision medicine and omics arenas, as there...
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UVM Health Taps LunaPBC, Invitae on Genomic Testing Pilot Project

The pilot project will provide information for 147 genes that are well-established indicators of increased risk for certain diseases for which clinical treatment guidelines are established.
DNA research concept DNA barcodes for biomedical research  mitochondrial DNA  Prostate cancer DNA test

8 Companion Diagnostic Developers Making a Mark

If companion diagnostics (CDx) were people, they would be old enough to drink. The first CDx won FDA approval in 1998, when Dako Denmark...
Human microbiome, conceptual illustration

Genetic Differences in Immune System Influences Makeup of Microbiome

Scientists headed by a team at the University of Chicago have shown how genetic differences in the immune system can impact on the types...
pancreatic cancer cells

Researchers Identify Familial Pancreatic Cancer Gene

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have sequenced the genomes of a family in which multiple members had pancreatic cancer and found a mutation in a gene linked to the RAS signaling pathway that controls cell growth and death. Researchers argue that the into how RABL3 impacts the signaling pathway could lead to novel targeted therapy.
Transmission electron micrograph of AIDS, HIV-1

Vela Diagnostics Gets FDA Approval for HIV-1 NGS Assay

The Sentosa SQ HIV-1 Genotyping Assay uses the plasma of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus-1 and is the first and only HIV-1 genotyping NGS assay currently available on the market to receive FDA marketing authorization.
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Genetic Counseling 2.0

As genetic testing ramps up in the clinic and via consumer-oriented providers, companies leverage technology to scale genetic counseling services.
New data describes the economic impact of genomic sequencing procedures. [NIH]

Microsoft, Jackson Labs Collaboration Creates Precision Medicine Database

The collaboration will curate JAX’s Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB), a searchable database where subject matter experts store, sort, and interpret complex genomic and other data that can be used to improve patient outcomes.
Diabetes mellitus metabolic disease signs and symptoms concept, 3D rendering

Actionable Type 2 Diabetes Risks Uncovered

More than 67 actionable clinical discoveries were made through deep longitudinal genomic analysis by a group led by Michael Snyder, MD, chair of the...

Exact Sciences to Expand Cancer Dx Menu via $2.8B Genomic Health Acquisition

Exact Sciences said today it has agreed to acquire Genomic Health for $2.8 billion in cash and stock, in a deal intended to create...
Extending a collaboration launched last year

Celsee, IncellDx Sign Lung Cancer CTC PD-L1 Agreement

The companies will co-commercialize their respective single-cell technologies for CTCs and PD-L1 expression following positive study results
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